I can't hear any sound

If you've installed the VST but you hear no sounds with the banks:

1. You may have manually moved TrackGod files or folders after the installation. It is also important to note that TrackGod VST only recognizes one drive location. Meaning all banks must be on whichever drive you selected during your latest installation.

  • Fix: Move all files to the drive that you selected via your latest installer
  • After that just run the installer for ONE bank (any bank will work)
  • Select your the same harddrive as during the installation of the VST.

2. MAC USERS: If you can see the banks but you get a **LOAD FAILED** message in the VST, please follow the steps below. 

1) Please go to USERS => SHARED on your system drive. It is important to open this folder on your system and not on your external drive. In SHARED, you should find a folder called TrackGod, please open that folder.

If there is no TrackGod folder, please create a new folder and call it TrackGod

2) Please search on your MAC using the upper right search bar for: RedirectPath.txt

In the case that two identical files pop up, delete one of them (no matter which one) and proceed with the remaining file.

4) CUT and Paste the RedirectPath.txt into the newly created TrackGod folder. 

(Of course, you can copy and paste but be sure to delete the original RedirectPath.txt file which you initially searched for on your MAC)

5) Re-open your DAW and let me know if it works.


If this is non above is the case, please contact me here for support.

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